Eve Neuschwanstein is Blade's partner. She is bad at remembering other people's names (eg. she calls Cruz Yamada). Her fantasy shows that deep down she is ashamed of this and wishes she could get everyone's name right. Even though she has the appearance of a young girl, she is proven to be a capable fighter. This is shown when she is able to defeat one of Simeon's Elite Four, Uten, as well as all three of the Simeon Girl Force. Her fragment is 'Doppelganger', an ability which allows her to shapeshift into anything (from a drill on her arm to other person's appearances). She is also shown to be able to shapeshift into a wall, which is inorganic. Arclight deduced that her fragment is as powerful as that of a Missing Link. The weakness of this power is that she needs a lot of calories to use it. Therefore she often drinks an energy drink named 'Super Gel Dero Doro Drink', which contains 5000 kilocalories. She was captured by the Simeon Girl Squad because of her bad luck. After being captured, a mind control Needless named Kurumi used her like a marionette against her friends. There was also 'Super Gel Dero Doro Drink' device installed within her body by Simeon, which gives her a huge boost of calories and eliminates her low calorie weakness. The Needless controller was later killed, thanks to Cruz's wisdom, and Blade restored her mind. Soon after she fought against Saten and saved Cruz after he was nearly killed by Aruka. After the PF Zero blast, she was found by Cruz in the bottom of an underground city. As their area collapsed, Cruz nearly sacrificed himself to save her but was saved himself by Disc. She is currently too injured and weak to move and is undergoing recovery treatment in the underground hospital. Disc claimed that Eve needed 1-2 weeks to recover, thus Cruz continues his quest without her. As Cruz found Blade, Saten appeared before Eve. The group rushes back only to find Eve's body melting. Saten and Ishiyama appeared before the group and suggests to inject Eve with the syringe they brought to save Eve's life. After Blade is defeated by Saten, Ishiyama injects Eve with the syringe. Before the effects of the injection can be seen, Cruz and Saten are thrown into Blade's memories. Cruz and Saten discover a young Eve fighting with Blade against a Needless. Eve fights using a staff with a drill attached at the end and it is revealed that she did not originally have Doppelganger. In the flashback story in vol 7, Gido claimed that she was born for the purpose of having the capability to be pregnant with Adam Blade's child to reproduce offspring, since Adam's DNA is different from ordinary humans. Her last name was originally "N" due to the fact she is the 14th specimen, and was later derived as Neuschwanstein.